CURTIS GARDNER, Owner/Director of Operations

Curtis has spent 20 yrs in the Contract Security/High Threat Protection Industry and has been the Team Lead on several, successful high threat dignitary protection teams in the U.S and Mexico. For several years now, He has been involved with a special team of individuals who have worked with SWAT/SRT, Special Teams, and Military Units from all over the U.S and Singapore, developing training programs and exposing flaws in existing tactics.

As well as spending 3 years as a School Resource Officer, he has been a guest speaker and helped develop several Active Shooter training programs. He is a Certified Glock Armorer and has studied under some of the finest gunsmiths on the West Coast. He has trained under some of the most knowledgeable, respected firearms instructors in the U.S, but will always consider himself a lifelong student of the Craft.