About Us

GCS Training Group is comprised of experienced professionals in the firearms and tactics arena.  When taking a course from GCS Training Group, you will gain knowledge from Instructors who have real-world experience gained from Military, Law  Enforcement (SWAT) and Private Military Contracting (High Threat Protection).  Having the combined experience from the aforementioned areas make GCS Training Group unique in its ability to pass this information on to you.

The courses GCS Training Group offers range from basic to advanced and are designed as building blocks from the ground up. In teaching these courses, we strive to build relationships with the students and focus on helping them reach their goals through safe, yet fun and educational experiences. GCS Training Group provides training across the U.S.

If you don’t see a course offered in your area, please call and we will assist you with hosting a course in your area.

Meet Your Instructors

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