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Hostile Environment Lifesaving Practices (HELP)

Hostile Environment Lifesaving Practices (HELP)

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Location: SacValley Shooting Club

Time: 8am - 4pm

Instructor: Brandt Jorgenson

Hostile Environments: Lifesaving Practices is designed to address the core facets of care under fire.  Unlike most medical classes, we focus on the first 5 minutes of a hostile engagement with inflicted penetrating trauma.

This is a fast paced and demanding training course presented over one day. We have identified the more important training points to be instructed in the three segments below.  

First Half: Lecture/Hands on Skills Stations
Physiological and psychological effects of penetrating trauma. Simple and effective hands on skills with 4 core skills; tourniquets, chest seals, pressure bandages and
wound packing.

Second Half: Live Fire Range: Disabled Shooter
Students will be put in a wide variety of situations and positions operating a pistol while simulating extremity injury. The use of cover and situational awareness will be strongly emphasized while recognizing weapon status, clearing malfunctions and reloads. This is physically demanding on the student as well as equipment. Plan accordingly. 

Final: Live Rire Range: Self Care
Shoot, move, and treat. Students will be challenged to work their skills to shoot and self- treat. Rapid engagement and self-care will be the focus.  

This class is geared towards anyone who relies on a firearm in their daily lives as well as students who are interested in expanding their training in trauma care and immediate lifesaving skills.  

It is recommended that students bring the gear they will be using in their likely hostile environments; for example, first responder duty belts and vest etc.  We will have practice/training medical equipment for you to use during class. Please bring lunch with you. Water will be available at the range.

Equipment Needed:

· Pistol (Semiautomatic Preferred)
· 4 Magazines (Minimum. 8 for Single Stack)
· Holster with Secure Retention (No Serpa or IWB)
· 500 Rounds Pistol Ammunition
· Belt, Eye and Ear Protection
· Knee Pads (recommended)
· IFAK (individual first aid kit)
· Notepad


Bring appropriate form of I.D. You'll also need to complete a Hold Harmless Agreement. We encourage you to print it out at home and bring to class.


Be Prepared for all types of weather. We train rain or shine. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

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